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How To Start A Blog In India: Step By Step Guide To Master!

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog in India? Then, you’re at the right place. In this blog post, I will discuss some easy steps to get your blog up and running in India. With more people starting to learn how to make money online more people are looking forward to starting blogging in India.

In a country like India, An online business is not easy to start. All that things you go through. The money issues. These are some of the most alarming problems in terms of starting an online business. And blogging is one of the best business models to start making passive income online without any location requirement and has been more popular over the years.

Why Start A Blog In India?

How To Start Blogging In India - Step By Step Guide To Master It!
How To Start Blogging In India – Step By Step Guide To Master It!

Now, before starting let’s discuss why you should start a blog in India. Blogging is one of the best business models to make some extra money online or even to make a full-time income. Although the main aim of having a blog is to make money online. But some people might want to start a blog to build a digital presence. Now, you might be thinking If you want to build a digital presence why shouldn’t you go with YouTube. So, the reason is that If you plan to build a digital presence using YouTube. You will need a good camera, good editing, good SEO, etc. 

But that’s the beauty of starting a blog. You don’t need high-quality content, a camera, or even very good knowledge. You need a laptop or even mobile in some circumstances. So, blogging doesn’t require that much. That’s why anyone can start a blog in India. And this is the only guide you would need on How To Start A Blog In India.

How To Start A Blog In India?

Starting a blog has not always been easy. Even just 5 to 6 years ago creating a blog and making money was just like magic to most people. But with the rapid growth of online entrepreneurs, it’s pretty possible. So, to start a blog in India you have to have some things ready and set up.

Here is a list of the things to start in our guide about How To Start A Blog In India. We will discuss each point below.

  • A Good Niche
  • A Name For Your Blog
  • A Platform You Want To Start A Blog On
  • A Domain
  • A Quality Hosting

How To Find A Good Niche?

The first step in our guide on How To Start A Blog In India is to pick a great niche to start a blog on. A niche is the category of your website. If we think about blogging in general, there are two types Authority sites & Niche sites. An Authority Site focuses on multiple niches around one main topic. And a Niche Site focuses on a sole niche or category and publishes content around it.

So, here are some easy steps to find out which niche can start your blog in:

Find Something You Have Interest In

If you’re choosing a niche that you don’t know anything about then you’re not going to find it easy and interesting. Most people just quit because they don’t find it interesting to carry on blogging. So, choose a niche that you find interesting.

Do You Know Something About That Topic?

You can’t write about something that you have no idea about. Can you? That’s why we always recommend learning about something before starting to publish blog posts.

Can You Keep Up With The New Trends Around The Topic?

It’s really important to keep up with the trends within your niche. So that you can’t miss out on high potential traffic. This would not only help you build a big authority.

Does The Topic Have Some Traffic?

There is no point in publishing content around a niche in which no one is interested. You must have traffic to make money with blogging. So, try finding a niche with a high volume of traffic. You can check the traffic for free with Google Keyword Planner.

Do A Little Bit Of Niche Research?

As I mentioned, you have to check the traffic as well as the competition. And to do that you can go to Google Ads Keyword Planner and search up the niche. You will find out the traffic and competition as well.

How To Pick A Name For Your Blog?

Choosing a name would be an important thing to do. The name of your blog is the sign and symbol and also the brand. To convert your blog into a brand you must find a good name for your website. The name of the website is what your domain would be. So, be careful to choose a great brand name for your blog.

If you’re struggling to find a good brandable name for your blog. Then, you can use ai brand name generator tools to find a good brandable name for your blog. I like to use Namelix. You can find more tools by simply searching on google. These tools would help you find a unique brand name for your blog for free.

WordPress Vs Blogger: Which One Should You Pick?

Now, let’s discuss which platform should you use to choose to start your blog. There are mainly two of the best platforms that most people use to start a blog. While WordPress & Blogger both are equally chosen, some factors would help you choose one of them.

Let’s get it straight and go with WordPress. Why? WordPress gives you the option with the highest customization. Like themes and plugins. Like Elementor & Gutenberg which helps you build the best blog for making money. But some people would prefer to go with Blogger. Because with WordPress it takes a little more money.

How To Get A Domain And Hosting?

So, a domain is the URL or address of your website. A domain usually is the main address you need to put on the search bar to reach out to that site. Like,, etc. Usually, a domain can contain various types of extensions. Some of the top quality ones are .com, .org, .net etc. You should always go with a top-quality domain it helps you rank on the search engine. Usually, you have to pay for a domain. But if you’re purchasing Webhosting from any of the providers below then, you will have it for free.

But If you’re using Blogger you must buy a domain. You can purchase one from Namecheap.

Next, you will also need web hosting. A web hosting will host your website. If you’re going with a blogger you will probably need one. Here are two web hosting service providers that you can choose:


Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers. Even this website is hosted by them. They are one of the biggest and most well-known for their service. If you purchase hosting from them you will need to pay a fee of only $2.99 per month. That’s around ₹280 rupees per month. You will get a free domain and SSL for 1 year to get started.


BlueHost is also a very good hosting provider. I didn’t use their services. But I know a lot of people who do use their services and have had a great experience. The cost of their hosting services starts from $2.95 per month which is around ₹275 per month. With a free domain and SSL of one year, they also provide top-quality customer service.

How To Make Money From Your Blog?

Now that you know how to start a blog in India. Let’s go through how can you make money from your blog. You can make money from your blog with 3 methods. Here are the 3 different ways to monetize your blog:

Showing Ads On Your Blog

This is by far the most popular way to monetize your blog and make money. You can showcase ads on your site and get paid for the clicks on the ads. By doing so you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense. You can also go with Ezoic to make more money from your blog. This is the most sustainable way to make money with your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a very popular way of making money on your blog. The affiliate marketing business is a billion-dollar industry. Affiliate marketing is a business model where you sell other people’s products. You can publish content about affiliate products to make money when someone purchases the products. You can join affiliate marketplace like Impact Radius, ShareASale & ClickBank, etc.

Sponsored Content

For making money from this method, you need to have some attraction so that people can reach out to you and offer you money for sponsored content.


In conclusion, if you want to start a blog in a country like India, then you need to know what it takes to succeed. This article will give you some tips and steps on how to start a blog in India. Hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading all the way through.

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