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Hunter io Review 2022: Find Anyone’s Professional Email In Seconds

Hunter io is one of the best email finders and verifiers in the market right now. This tool has come to the spotlight because of how much value it offers in comparison to the pricing. But many people are still concerned if they should go with Hunter io or not. That’s why I have come up with this Hunter io Review. So that, you can make a good decision.

Keep reading all the way through to find all the answers to your questions about Hunter io. We will go through the key features, Pros & Cons & Pricing, etc.

What is Hunter io?

Hunter io Review 2022: Find Anyone's Professional Email In Seconds
Hunter io Review 2022: Find Anyone’s Professional Email In Seconds

Hunter io is a cloud-based tool for finding email addresses that let companies find and verify email addresses based on the company domain. With the platform’s web interface, users can look for people by name and domain.

You can even use the Browser extension to find and confirm emails linked to the company website you are looking up. The tool lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connects you to significant individuals in your business.

Hunter io Review Key Features

Do a domain search

The domain search is the best way to find an email address on the platform. Any website or company name can be used to find an email address in just a few seconds. It is a great tool for finding the best person to talk to at a company. With the Chrome extension, you can look for email addresses on a website you are looking at.

Email Finder

You can find the email addresses of all experts that have been checked. It is a good way to connect with professionals you want to work with. Considering different data points, the tool helps you find the right person to talk to at the right time. These data points include web-based email addresses and email formats.

Author Finder

With this feature, you can find the email address of an article’s author. It lets you stay in touch with media professionals and helps bring the two groups together.

Email Verifier

With the email verifier, you can check if professional email addresses are real. This will make sure that your emails never go back to the sender. The email verification tool lets you check for relevant data, format, email system reactions, etc.

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Hunter io Can Import A “Research URL.”

So far, everything about Hunter io has been great. But I couldn’t finish this review without talking about this one problem. And it means a lot to me. When you do outreach to build links, you usually have an article URL for each realm you want to contact. The CSV file you publish to Hunter io will have a column for these URLs.

Hunter io will remove the article with your article URLs, which is a shame. And that resources you have to move back to each consequence where Hunter io discovered an email address and added the article URLs. But, as you can imagine, this brings a lot of periods. It would be wonderful if Hunter io might keep the URL for each record or row. Hopefully, they can look into that in a later version of the software.

Add-on for Google Sheets

If you do a lot of work in Google Sheets, you’ll be happy to hear that Hunter io has an add-on for Google Sheets. Choose the column with the URLs you want email addresses, and then choose bulk in the Hunter io add-on panel.

Hunter io Review: Pros and Cons


Hunter’s first big plus is that it can find email addresses. Hunter is very good at finding emails. He can do it up to 65% of the time.

Another plus for Hunter is that it gives you a free outreach platform. Hunter is a very good deal when you consider that email outreach platforms can cost more than $100 per month.

The Hunter outreach platform is not as modern as others, but it does a good job. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning, that could be a good thing.

Hunter’s beautiful and easy-to-use interface is another big plus (UI).

Hunter is easy to learn how to use because everything is right where you’d expect it to be. You won’t need more than 15 minutes to figure out how to use Hunter’s outreach platform.

I spent almost a week figuring out how to use another outreach platform, which I won’t name.


Hunter io costs a little bit more than some of its rivals. But do provide the worth for pricing. Don’t get me wrong the pricing for the first three paid plans is amazing. But the pricing of the 4th paid plan which is the “Business Plan” is a little bit overpriced.

Is Hunter io A Safe Tool To Use?

Hunter io follows GDPR rules to the letter, even outside of the EU. This tool complies with GDPR by only processing online data available to the public and by making any private data anonymous or shortening it. Hunter io also lets websites remove their information from their database.

Hunter io API

Tens of thousands of businesses have used Hunter’s API to find and verify professional email addresses. Hunter’s API can do four things: search for domains, find emails, find authors, and check emails.

Hunter io Pricing Review

Hunter’s paid plans start at $49 a month for 500 email lookups and 1000 email verifications:

  • Free: $0 /mo (50 email verifications, 25 email searches)
  • Starter: $49 /mo (1000 email verifications, 500 email searches)
  • Growth: $99 /mo (5,000 email verifications, 2,500 email searches)
  • Enterprise: $399 /mo (60,000 email verifications, 30,000 email searches)

Only the number of requests and email verifications per month change between the plans. This makes it easy to choose the plan that’s best for you.

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Hunter io is an email finder that finds and verifies email addresses based on domain names with a high success rate. It comes with a free email outreach platform that is easy to use and is included in your email search quota. If you want to start building links at an attractive cost, Hunter io helps give you the two things you need: a cheap way to search for many emails and an easy-to-use platform for sending emails to people.

Thanks for reading all the way through our Hunter io Review 2022!

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