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What is Email Validation & How Can It Be Helpful

Email marketing is one of the best ways to target an audience whether to promote a product or increase sales even generate traffic to your website. We can imagine how big of an important role email marketing has played in the space of digital marketing is by its average ROI which is 122%. That’s more than any other strategy of digital marketing. And if you are active in the email marketing space then you can probably tell that it’s not that difficult to get a high ROI with the help of email marketing.

To reach a high ROI like this you have to be able to send emails to a list that is deliverable. The list must be clean with no invalid emails. And to do that you need to know what is email validation and how can it be helpful for you. In this post, I will talk about email validation.

What Is Email Validation?

I assume that you already have an email list you want to send email campaigns to. But first, you want to know if the emails are really deliverable. If the emails are not valid then there is no point in sending them campaigns.

In simple words, Email validation is a process. to simplify email addresses to confirm if they are valid or not. It runs a complete scan over the email addresses you provided and verifies if they contain any invalid email addresses where emails cannot be delivered. Therefore it will make your email list clean and more deliverable.

Why You Should Always Validate Emails?

What is Email Validation & How Can Email Validation Help You.
Email Validation

Now, the question is why would you validate emails. You might be thinking that if your email campaigns don’t reach a certain amount of people it wouldn’t matter because the campaign would also reach all the valid emails. This is totally wrong. If you’re sending emails from your custom domain email you would see your bounce rate drastically increase. Your emails will not reach your inbox anymore. It would end up in the Promotions tab or the spam tab.

And if your domain or email is new. A high number of emails sent to invalid addresses will even get your domain or email blacklisted. So if you’re planning to send email marketing campaigns. That’s why you should always validate emails.

Here are some of the most crucial benefits of validating email addresses:

  • Avoid invalid email addresses
  • Good deliverability
  • Improves your reputation
  • Low chance of bounces
  • Higher Open Rate
  • Improves ROI
  • Increase the authority of email or domain

The best part about it is that you don’t have to do it continuously. If your email list is continuously increasing then you can do it every other week or month. That’s it.

How Can You Validate Email Addresses?

You can’t really validate email addresses without email validation tools or email validation services. Keep in mind that some of these tools are free but do have a paid plan. I recommend you guys upgrade if you have the capability. It would not only speed up the process but also give you more options around email validation.

There are a lot of tools that claim to validate emails the best. But choosing among all of them might be a little confusing. So, I am gonna share with you two email validation tools which are one of the best in the market with the highest satisfaction.


Both of the tools above are the greatest in the market. They are all reliable and trustworthy enough. Both of the tools have the same way to validate email addresses. You just need to bulk upload your email list or email addresses you want to validate. It would take some time and give you a new fresh validated list.


Email validation can keep you away from some serious problems. You can’t lower your bounce rate without the help of email validation. It’s not the only way to fix it. But it’s the most obvious one. It also helps you maintain the lowest spam score and improves your sender reputation. So the most obvious thing before sending an email campaign would be to validate all emails.

That’s it. I have explained email validation in full detail in this post. Will get back with another educational post another day.

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