May 22, 2024

Duties of an immigration consultant

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Duties of an immigration consultant

Immigration consultants help people who want to immigrate from one country to another for study, work, or business purpose. They are proficient in providing legal services in the area of immigration law as permitted by legislation. There are numerous duties and responsibilities of an immigration consultant; here we focus on some of the most important ones.

Client assessment

An immigration consultant’s duties include researching and analyzing several applications, petitions and supporting documentation received and that they are complete and correct; interviewing petitioners and applicants to assess credibility and past record; and denying or granting petitions and applications.

Advice and assistance

The foremost responsibility of Canada immigration consultants in Delhi is to provide the client with sound advices and guidance on how to obtain required documentation and complete the process smoothly. The consultant oversees the completion of all relevant visa and immigration documents and ensures that they are received within the given time limit.

Abiding by Immigration Laws

The Immigration Consultant should be qualified to adhere to all immigration laws and legislation and have a strong understanding of immigration procedures. There are some immigration firms that have consultants and lawyers as two separate positions working with a particular client as the situation require.

Meeting deadlines

The Immigration Consultant must work within strict deadlines and also keep the client updated about each and every due date frequently. He is responsible to communicate with authorities and the client consistently via email, one-on-one meetings, or over the phone. 

Help in relocating

Immigration consultants in Delhi are responsible for helping and guiding individuals who are relocating internationally. The main role is to ensure that the client keeps away from any legal issues that may occur in connection with their relocation by assisting them to acquire visas and other related immigration documentation.

Dealing with people

An immigration consultant must possess and practice interpersonal skills to maintain strong working relationships with all clients and colleagues. A consultant has to meet and deal with a variety of people in all types of situation, dealing with each person respectfully and calmly build reputation and goodwill.

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